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Noooo Playersonly halved the amount of money
  ManofFire, Aug 26 2011

I get per month for doing absolutely nothing except playing freerolls and playing on other skins. )=
used to get 250$ a month, now I only get 150...

my life sucks.

btw how does this website keep afloat? I don't see where they are printing all this money they can give out monthly. Are they just planning to reopen in the US and pull an AP/UB when they get shut down?

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Any1 here played poker for Bitcoins yet?
  ManofFire, Aug 15 2011

was j/wing. I might hop along the btc train if any client gets a slightly reputable notion :|

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London, where to play?
  ManofFire, Aug 04 2011

I live and London would like some help with casino recommendations as I've only played in home games + at the empire. Now the issue I have with the empire is that the service is so fucking terrible (waited 40 minutes for a fucking soda like srsly wtf), the dealers r beyond horrible, and the tournaments r self dealt and slow as snails (like 7 hands per hour slow) that it just feels like a chore to play there. The only reason I kept going to the empire is because my bankroll wasn't big enough to play at other casinos, and because we r all broke uni students my friends kept dragging me into it since they have this really cheap and shitty tournament every day or w/e, and since I'm retarded and don't know anything about any other casinos in london I just kept going along with them.

Anyways the point is I feel as if I've built a sizable enough roll to start playing in decent casinos, and because of that I really don't want to experience playing at a casino like Empire ever again, because even though there is definitely a boatload of free money, I would rather play in a room where I don't have to worry about the dealer awarding the wrong player a pot, and not having to wait almost an hour for a fucking beverage.

Any advice on where to go would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! ^-^

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